Olde Mill Swim Club - Auxillary Documents

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  • A log for the water tests that the lifeguards complete every hour.

  • A log for the chemical additions made to the main pool throughout the season.

  • A log for the chemical additions made to the wading pool throughout the season.

  • A log for settings on the Aquasol controllers and the FLEXFLO peristalic metering pumps.

  • Notes and comments to the lifeguards about chemical additions, FLEXFLO peristalic metering pumps, etc.

  • Instructions for adding daily doses of chemicals to the wading pool.

  • Material Safety Data Sheets that detail the hazards and the proper handling of on-site chemicals.

  • More details on chemical behaviors and how they should be handled and dosed at OMSC.

  • Labels for marking chemicals, storage boxes and many other things.

  • Community Pool Service's Employee Handbook

  • Obligations within a typical pool management contract

  • A shopping list for supplies, hardware & chemicals

  • Membership numbers

  • A refer-a-friend program we've run in the past

  • Metrics

  • Performance Metrics from an earlier time

  • Two decades worth of the membership pamphlets used each year for detailing rules & schedules

  • Member Map

    OMSC Executive Committee (aka the pool committee) :
    - A sampler of documents from various swim club Secretaries

  • Cardiac Science Powerheart AED G3 Plus
  • Brochure
  • Spec Sheet
  • Operator & Service Manual
  • Pediatric Pads
  • Storage Solutions
  • FAQ's
  • Cardiac Science website
  • Taylor Technologies chemical testing reagents
  • Testing Instructions
  • Taylor Technologies' website
  • Taylor Technologies' website: Demos

    Blue-White FLEXFLO Peristaltic Metering/Injection
    Pumps & related accessories
  • Model A100 Operating Manual
  • Model A100NS Technical Data
  • Model A100NS Operating Manual
  • Blue-White Price Book
  • Blue-White Industries' website

    Aquasol ORP/pH Controllers
  • Aquasol Brochure
  • Aquasol Care and Use
  • Aquasol Owner's Manual
  • Aquasol Price Guide
  • Aquasol Controllers' website

    Troy-Bilt lawn mower
  • Operator Manual
  • Parts Manual
  • Parts & Warranty

  • Harmsco filters: BF105, BF155, BF1200
  • Parts diagram for the main pool's BF1200
  • Parts diagram for the smaller BF105 & BF155
  • Harmsco Filtration Products' website

  • Main pool: ITT Marlow 3B32EC-C2 Replacement Parts, Instruction Manual, Performance, Dimensions
  • Wading pool: Hayward SP2605X7 Brochure, General Info, Owner's Manual
  • Portable vacuum: Sta-Rite MPEA6E-147L Owner's Manual
  • Utility: Little Giant 505350 / 5-ASP-LL Specs, Pump Parts, Switch Parts

    Equipment manufacturers
  • Paragon Aquatics
  • SR Smith

    Sources for equipment, hardware, chemicals & supplies
  • Our shopping list at 4GuysPoolSupply
  • Leslie's . . . (customer #22278)
  • Recreonics . . . (customer #18002)
  • Poolcenter.com
  • Recreation Supply Company
  • Lincoln Equipment
  • McMaster-Carr
  • Community Plat Drawings:
  • The majority of plats within Olde Mill
  • The majority of plats within Olde Mill, with highlighting
  • Olde Mill Condominiums 1
  • Olde Mill Condominiums 2
  • Olde Mill Condominiums 3
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